Today we launch the first version of Azzemble, a hassle-free tool to help you socialize in the real world.

Azzemble allows you to share your immediate plans with your Facebook friends and let them know where to meet at the touch of a button. Going for dinner? Create an event and tell people where you’re going. Bored? checkout what your friends are up to and join them.

Azzemble targets the messy (and sometimes intrusive) nature of our communication tools, such as Whatsapp. With current tools, it’s a hassle to cherrypick a large number of invitees, organize a single short-term conversation, and tell your invitees who’s coming. Azzemble is one abstract layer on top of that; it allows you to seamlessly coordinate your immediate activities (not you long-term events) and choose who you want to receive a push notification, and who receives a “silent” invite.

Azzemble is also the cure to the awkward conversations you have with old friends you randomly cross path with. You know how that conversation goes… “Oh we should totally hangout sometime!” but you never actually do. Not because you’re not interested, but because you do not want to immediately lockdown your calendar… supernetworkers, rejoice!

I’m building this with The Great Nirav. A superb product manager and strategist. Stay tuned for more features!